Recycling and salvaging waste

The unfortunate nature of our business mud, and dust is unavoidable. Talbot Transport works very hard to try and reduce the impact of mud and dust on others. 


During the winter months we try to eliminate mud being carried out on to the highway by using our fully automated wheelwash. This pressure washes the sides and underneath of the vehicles.


In the event of any mud being carried out on to the road we have our own on site road sweeper, that can be deployed at a moments notice.


During the summer months we have a fully automated sprinkler system which is fed by our on site bore hole, this computerized system can be set to irrigate from twelve different stations throughout the site throughout the day. During the hot summer of 2018 the system started irrigating the haul roads at 2am to ensure there was enough moisture to reduce the dust throughout the day.

Talbots are highly regarded in this specialist field and have already been contacted by several companies currently tendering for new Highways contracts. Talbots have also secured contracts for several new school builds and construction projects and look forward to continuing the vital role of recycling and salvaging waste from construction sites throughout Worcestershire.


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